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A Land Capability Study of the Shire of Newham and Woodend

In 1992, a land capability study was undertaken by the former Department of Conservation and Environment in the Shire of Newham & Woodend. Different land areas were recognised by aerial photo interpretation, field inspection and sampling, enabling a base map at a scale of 1:25,000 to be produced.

Thirty one map units were identified and the land characteristics considered relevant for land capability assessment described in terms of geology, landform, climate, soils and vegetation. The capability of the map units for specific land uses was assessed in terms of the kind and degree of limitations.

The Information was aimed to be used by planners to assist in the preparation of planning strategies and encourage the most appropriate land uses and management practices to minimise land degradation in the short term and long term, but sustain productivity.

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Map Units
Dga (PDF 135KB)Dgb (PDF 135KB)Dgc (PDF 139KB)Dge (PDF 138KB)Dgg (PDF 137KB)Dgp (PDF 139KB)Dra (PDF 123KB)Drb (PDF 133KB)Drc (PDF 143KB)Dre (PDF 138KB)
Osb (PDF 140KB)Osc (PDF 139KB)Osd (PDF 138KB)Ose (PDF 139KB)Osf (PDF 158KB)Osg (PDF 138KB)Qa1 (PDF 135KB)Qa2 (PDF 149KB)Tba (PDF 143KB)Tbc (PDF 242KB)
Tbe (PDF 157KB)Tbf (PDF 132KB)Tbg (PDF 142KB)Tva (PDF 128KB)Tvb (PDF 150KB)Tvc (PDF 156KB)Tve (PDF 137KB)Tvf (PDF 139KB)Tvg (PDF 158KB)Tvh (PDF 132KB)
Tvo (PDF 154KB)

A Land Capability Study of the Shire of Newham & Woodend
Front Page and Table of Contents (PDF 104KB)
Land Capability Study of Newham Woodend - Map Units
Summary (PDF 94KB)
Acknowledgements (PDF 647KB)
1Introduction (PDF 73KB)
2Land Capability Assessment (PDF 240KB)
3Land Management Guidelines (PDF 82KB)
4Detailed Map Descriptions and Capability Ratings (PDF 571KB)
(See list above for individual map units)
5Description of the Environment (PDF 757KB)
References (PDF 133KB)
Glossary (PDF 133KB)
Appendix 1 - Notes to accompany Land Capability Rating Tables (PDF 492KB)
Appendix 2 - Physical and Chemical Analytical Results (PDF 2.2MB)
Appendix 3 - Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity - Double Ring Infiltration Method (PDF 176KB)
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