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A report on Residential Land Capability and Agricultural Land suitability in the Shire of Campaspe

In 1996, a land capability and agricultural land suitability was undertaken by the former Department of Natural Resources & Environment. The Shire of Campapse through it’s Integrated Strategy Plan (1996), recognised the need for a land capability/suitability study to assist in achieving sustainable agricultural and rural residential development throughout the Shire.

For the purpose of this report, land capability and land suitability assessments are concerned with the physical constraints imposed by the landform and soils. No social or economic criteria were considered in this report. Land capability assessments have five capability classes and refer to land utilised for rural residental/urban development, while land suitability assessments have three suitability classes and refer to land utilised for agriculture.

Land capability/suitability classes have been determined for each land system and land component within the Shire of Campaspe.

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A report on residential land capability and agricultural land capability in the shire of campaspe
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