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Location: Mortlake

Australian Soil Classification: Haplic, ?, Black CHROMOSOL (confidence level 3)
General Landscape Description: Undulating rises
Site Description: Mid slope
Land Unit: Vite Vite North Rise
Geology: Quaternary basalt

General Land Unit Description: This land unit consists of undulating rises north of Vite Vite North. Shallow Black Chromosols with patches of shallow black self-mulching Vertosols occur on mid and upper slopes. There are many surface stones on these slopes and Red Chromosols and Dermosols occur in the vicinity of the eruption point. The soils of the lower slopes merge with those of the plain and are poorly drained Brown Ferric Chromosols or Grey Sodosols. All soil variants may be sodic at depth.

Soil Profile Morphology

A10-15 cmDark brown (10YR3/3); clay loam; hard setting surface condition; apedal structure; very weak consistence, dry; pH 4.7; sharp change to:


B215-55+ cmVery dark greyish brown (10YR3/2); heavy clay; strong medium blocky structure; contains stone; pH 6.7.

Key profile features:
  • Strongly acidic topsoil
  • Strong texture contrast between topsoil and subsoil
  • Subsoil dispersive when worked when wet
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