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Australian Soil Classification: Sodic, ?, Grey CHROMOSOL (confidence level 3)

General Landscape Description: Level to gently undulating rises
Site Description: Flat
Land Unit: Bookar Sedimentary
Geology: Tertiary sediments
General Land Unit Description: The near level plains on Tertiary sediments in the Bookar and Leslie Manor areas, north of Camperdown, consist of predominantly of Chromosols and Sodosol. The Chromosols are commonly sodic at depth and both may have conspicuous and sporadic bleached subsurface horizons. Compared to the other soils of the unit, those in low lying situations have high and potentially harmful salinity levels in both the surface and subsoil.

Soil Profile Morphology:

Depth (cm)
Very dark greyish brown (10YR3/2); clay loam; massive structure; weak consistence, dry; pH 5.1; clear change to:

Light grey (10YR7/2), sporadically bleached ; silty clay loam; sharp change to:

Dark greyish brown (10YR4/2), with dark yellowish brown (10YR4/6) mottles; heavy clay; strong coarse blocky structure; pH 6.4; gradual change to:

Reddish brown (2.5Y5/4); heavy clay; strong coarse blocky structure; pH 7.7.

Soil Profile Characteristics:

Soil pit MM264 graphs

Key Profile Features:
  • Strongly acidic topsoil
  • Strong textural contrast between topsoil and subsoil
  • Topsoil dispersive when worked when wet
  • Top of the subsoil dispersive when worked when wet
  • Mottled subsoil

Profile Described By:
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