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Site: GL169Land Unit: Ararat Alluvial
Aust. Soil Class.: Eutrophic, Mottled-Subnatric, Grey SODOSOL (confidence level 1)

Soil pit GL169 landscapeGeneral Land Unit Description:
This soil represents the alluvial plains in the north east of the study area around Ararat and Moyston. The soils tend to be Black or Grey Sodosols, Vertosols or Vertic Chromosols. They are generally imperfectly drained and have very little relief.

Site Description:

Slope: <1%Geology: Quaternary Alluvium
Landform pattern: Level to gently undulating plainPosition in landscape: Flat
Internal drainage: Imperfect to poorly drained

Soil Profile Morphology

A10-15 cmDark greyish brown (10YR4/2) clay loam, strong polyhedral structure (5-10 mm), weak consistence when dry, a few small rounded pebbles (2-6 mm), pH 5.3; clear transition to:Soil pit GL169 profile
B2115-40 cmDark grey (10YR4/1) heavy clay, distinct fine brownish yellow (10YR6/6) mottles are common, strong prismatic (50-100 mm) to moderate polyhedral structure (5-10 mm), very firm consistence when dry, pH7.3; clear and wavy transition to:
B2240-60 cmGreyish brown (2.5Y5/2) heavy clay, fine faint yellow mottles (10YR7/6) are common, pH 8.4; gradual and wavy transition to:
B2360-90 cmLight olive brown (2.5Y5/4) heavy clay, distinct medium yellowish brown (10YR5/6) mottles are common, moderate angular structure, very firm consistence when dry, pH 9.1; gradual and wavy transition to:
B2490+ cmLight yellowish brown (2.5Y3/6) heavy clay, pH 9.5.

Key profile features:

  • Acidic topsoil
  • Topsoil dispersive when worked when wet
  • Strongly dispersive subsoil when dry
  • Sodic subsoil
  • Deeper subsoil highly alkaline
  • Mottled subsoil
Soil pit GL169 graphs
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