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Coast Everlasting

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Coast Everlasting photos

Scientific Name:Ozothamnus turbinatus (syn. Helichrysum paralium)
Coast Everlasting plant
Coast Everlasting plant in coastal scrub
Photo: A J Brown

Other Common Names:

Native to New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

Plant Description:

Erect bushy shrub from 1-2 m tall, with branches covered in a dense white mat of woolly hairs. Leaves narrow from 10-25 mm long and 1-1.5 mm wide with recurved margins. Upper leaf surface green and only slightly woolly. Under leaf surface and young leaves greyish white and woolly.

Flower-heads numerous in dense clusters at the ends of branches. Each flower-head 5-7 mm diameter and 6-8 mm long with thick, opaque to straw-coloured, outer bracts. Flowers 15-30 per head and white.


Frequent shrub of coastal dunes and cliffs along the coastline.

Coast Everlasting Photos

Coast Everlasting flower head
Developing flower-head on Coast Everlasting
Photo: A J Brown
Coast Everlasting bush
Flowering bush of Coast Everlasting
Photo: A J Brown

Coast Everlasting fruit
Fruiting flowers of Coast Everlasting
Photo: A J Brown

Coast Everlasting flowers
Coast Everlasting flowers
Photo: A J Brown
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