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Yarram (Yr)

Map: Yarram Unit


Late Pleistocene alluvial deposits.


Stagnant alluvial plain. These alluvial deposits form an earlier alluvial plain prior to the incision of the present Tarra and Albert Rivers.


There is a sequence of soils whose properties depend on the distance from the earlier stream from which they were deposited. Soils closer to the earlier stream (or ‘prior stream’) have a deeper and lighter textured surface soil compared to surface soils some distance away.

Soil Site GP42 is an example of a Sodosol that occurs on the associated levee of the prior stream as compared to Soil Site GP41 which is an example of a sodic Dermosol that occurs (further away) on the near floodplain of the same prior stream. Subsoils are lighter textured and soil colours browner closer to the prior stream, with brown light medium clays compared to grey heavy clays some distance away. It is likely that grey cracking clay soils (Vertosols) will occur some distance away from the prior stream on this map unit (i.e. on the far flood plain of the prior stream).

Land Use

All of the soils on this map unit are cleared and grazed.

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