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Woodside (Wd)

Map: Woodside Unit


Mostly Pleistocene alluvium, some areas of Recent alluvium and Recent aeolian sediments.


Gently undulating plain.


The surface soils are generally very dark grey to dark brownish grey sands to loams with variable amounts of coarse quartz gravel. At about 15 to 30 cm a sporadically bleached sub-surface horizon of similar texture generally occurs with light brownish grey and brown colours being common. Mottled gravelly sandy clays to gravelly medium clays are generally encountered between 40 and 70 cm, with light brownish grey, brown and yellowish brown predominating.

As the soils are comprised of successive layers of alluvium supplemented by wind blown material, the soil profiles of individual sites will differ throughout the map unit. Soil Site GP45, a Grey Sodosol (with a thick sandy surface horizon), is an extreme example illustrating how a layer of Recent sandy alluvium has been deposited over an older soil (Sodosol), by the nearby Morris Creek.

In summary, almost all of the soils are gravelly loams to gravelly sands with a bleached sub-surface layer, overlying gravelly sandy clays or medium clays at a variable depth.

Land Use

This map unit is used mainly for grazing.
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