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1. Mount Useful

This information has been developed from the publications:

  • Sites of Geological and Geomorphological Significance in Central Gippsland (1981) by Neville Rosengren, M.S McRae-Williams and S.M Kraemers,
  • Sites of Geological and Geomorphological Significance on the Coast of Port Phillip Bay and in the Catchment of Westernport Bay (1984, 88) by Neville Rosengren.
  • Sites of Geological and Geomorphological Significance in the South Gippsland Marine and Coastal Parks (1989) by Neville Rosengren.
Geological heritage sites, including sites of geomorphological interest and volcanic heritage sites, are under regular revision by the Geological Society of Australia, especially in the assessment of significance and values. Reference should be made to the most recent reports. See the Earth Science Heritage (external link) section of the Geological Society of Australia website for details of geological heritage reports, and a bibliography.

Location:562278. 13 kilometres east of Aberfeldy.
Image: West Gippsland Sites of Significance
Jointed basalt - Mount Useful.


Mount Useful Spur Track.


Crown Land.


Mount Useful is capped by Tertiary Older Volcanics. This basalt forms cliffs up to three metres high on the eastern and south-eastern side of the mountain and these cliffs display prominent columnar jointing. The basalt overlies a silica cemented conglomerate which is exposed on the Mount Useful Track.


Regional. Exposures of the quality of this basalt outcrop are uncommon in the highland section of the study area while silicified pre-basaltic sediments are rare in the study area.


The columnar jointed sections in the basalt should be preserved. Track widening and extension, or limited quarrying on the western slopes of the mountain would be consistent with the maintenance of the site.

Sites of Geological & Geomorphological Significance - Figure 63
Site 8222-1

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