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This page provides a full listing (in alphabetical order) of the noxious weed species on this website. Information provided for most Declared Noxious Weed species includes: maps of potential distribution and present distribution in Victoria; invasiveness assessment and impact assessment for species, and links to relevant websites. For other species only some of this information is currently available.

African boxthorn (Nox)
African daisy (Nox)
African feather Grass (Nox)
African lovegrass (Nox)
Alligator weed (Nox)
Amsinckia (Fiddlenecks) (Nox)
Angled onion (bulb) (Nox)
Apple of sodom (Nox)
Artichoke thistle (Nox)
Athel pine (Nox)
Bathurst burr (Nox)
Bindweed (Nox)
Black knapwed (Nox)
Blackberry (Nox)
Boneseed / bitou bush (Nox)
Branched broomrape (Nox)
Buffalo burr (Nox)
Cabomba (Nox)
Californian / perennial thistle (Nox)
Caltrop (Nox)
Camel thorn (Nox)
Cape broom / montpellier broom (genista) (Nox)
Cape tulip (one leaf) (Nox)
Cape tulip (two leaf) (Nox)
Chilean (green) cestrum (Nox)
Devil’s claw (purple flower) (Nox)
Devil's clay (yellow flower) (Nox)
Dodder (Nox)
English broom (Nox)
Fennel (Nox)
Flax-leaved broom (Nox)
Golden thistle (Nox)
Gorse (Nox)
Great mullein (Nox)
Hardheads (Nox)
Hawkweed (Nox)
Hawthorn (Nox)
Hemlock (Nox)
Hoary cress (Nox)
Horehound (Nox)
Horsetail (Nox)
Hymenachne (Nox)
Illyrian thistle (Nox)
Ivy-leafed sida (Nox)
Japanese knotweed (Nox)
Japanese knotweed hybrid (Nox)
Karoo thorn (Nox)
Khaki eeed (Nox)
Lagarosiphon (Nox)
Lobed needle grass (Nox)
Mesquite (Nox)
Mexican feather grass (tussock grass) (Nox)
Mimosa (Nox)
Nodding thistle (Nox)
Noogoora burr / californian burr (Nox)
Onion weed (Nox)
Ox-eye daisy (Nox)
Pampas lily-of-the-valley (Nox)
Parkinsonia (Nox)
Parthenium weed (Nox)
Paterson’s curse (Nox)
Perennial ragweed (Nox)
Pond apple (Nox)
Poverty weed (Nox)
Prairie ground cherry (Nox)
Prickly acacia (Nox)
Prickly pears (Nox)
Ragwort (Nox)
Rubber vine (Nox)
Saffron thistle (Nox)
Salvinia (Nox)
Sand rocket (sand mustard) (Nox)
Scotch / heraldic thistle (Nox)
Serrated tussock (Nox)
Silverleaf nightshade (Nox)
Skeleton weed (Nox)
Slender / shore thistle (Nox)
Soldier thistle (Nox)
Soursob (Nox)
Spear thistle (Nox)
Spiny broom (Nox)
Spiny burr grass (Gentle Annie) (Nox)
Spiny emex (Nox)
Spiny rush (Nox)
St Barnaby’s thistle (Nox)
St John’s wort (Nox)
St Peter’s wort (Nox)
Star thistle (Nox)
Stemless thistle (Nox)
Stinkwort (Nox)
Sweet briar (Nox)
Tangled hypericum (Nox)
Thorn apples Datura spp (common, downy, recurved) (Nox)
Topped lavender (Nox)
Tree of heaven (Nox)
Tufted honeyflower (Nox)
Tutsan (Nox)
Variegated thistle (Nox)
Viper’s bugloss (Nox)
Water hyacinth (Nox)
Willows (Nox)
Wild garlic (crow, field) (bulb) (Nox)
Wild mignonette (Nox)
Wild teasel (Nox)
Wild watsonia (corms) (Nox)

"Nox" refers to Declared Noxious Weed
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