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AGO - Australian Greenhouse Office

AESA - Alberta Environmental Sustainable Agriculture

BIO - Microbial biomass pool

CCN - Cereal Cyst Nematodes

CEC - Cation exchange capacity

CFU - Colony forming units

CLL - Crop lower limit

CSIRO - Commonwealth Scientific and Industry Research Organisation

DGGE - Denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis

DPI - Department of Primary Industries

DPM - Decomposable plant material

DSS - Decision support tools

DUL - Drained upper limit

EC - Electrical conductivity

ER - Erosion factor

ESAS - ‘Our Environment, Our Future’ - Sustainability Action Statement

ESP - Exchangeable sodium percentage

FC - Field capacity

FDR - Frequency Domain Reflectometry

FO - Field operations factor

GLBD - Growth limiting bulk density

GRDC - Grains Research and Development Corporation

HSSF - ‘Healthy Soils for Sustainable Farms’ Programme

HUM - Humified organic matter pool

IOM - Inert organic matter

LWA - Land and Water Australia

MDS - Minimum data set

MED - Molarity of ethanol drop

NCAS - National Carbon Accounting System

NLP - National Landcare Program

NZ - New Zealand

OC - Organic carbon

OH&S - Occupational health & safety

OM - Organic matter

PAWC - Plant available water capacity

PC - Personal computer

PCR - Polymerase chain reaction

PLFA - Phospholipid fatty acid analysis

PMN - Potentially mineralisable nitrogen

PWP - Permanent wilting point

QUT - Queensland University of Technology

RPM - Resistant plant material

SARDI - South Australian Research and Development Institute

SCI - Soil Conditioning Index

SINDI - Soil quality indicators

SIR - Substrate induced respiration

SOC - Soil organic carbon

SOM - Soil organic matter

SQI - Soil Quality Institute

SWC - Soil water content

SWHC - Soil water holding capacity

TRFLP - Terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism

USDA - United Stated Department of Agriculture

VRO - Victorian Resources Online website

WAC - Water holding capacity

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