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Potential Distribution of Karoo thorn (Acacia karroo) & Giraffe thorn (Acacia erioloba) in Victoria (Nox)

Potential distribution produced from CLIMATE modelling and overlayed on suitable landuses with CMA boundaries.

Overlays used

Land use: Forestry private and public, dryland pasture

Broad vegetation types: Dry foothill forest; montane dry woodland; grassland; plains grassy woodland; valley grassy forest; coastal grassy woodland; herb-rich woodland; montane grassy woodland; riverine grassy woodland; riparian forest; rainshadow woodland; mallee-heath; boinka-raak; mallee woodland; heathy woodland; wimmera mallee/woodland; lowland forest; heath; box-ironbark forest; inland slopes and sedge-rich woodland.

Colours indicate possibility of Acacia karroo and A. erioloba infesting these areas.

Red = Very high
Yellow = High
Orange = Medium
Green = Likely

In the non-coloured areas the plant is unlikely to establish as the climate, soil or landuse is not presently suitable.

Further information on mapping potential distribution of weeds

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