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2.2.10 - What is my water quality?

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The physical, chemical and biological characteristics of your water supply can affect the performance of irrigation systems.

Saline water such as ground water may need to be shandied with channel water. Different crops have different levels of salinity tolerance. For more information contact DEPI Customer Service Centre.

If using saline water in centre pivots, you should consider using stainless steel or poly-lined systems because of the increased corrosion potential.

Pressurised systems are also more sensitive to physical (sticks, grass, silts) and biological (algae) contaminants than are border-check systems. Different types of contaminants require different techniques to control any negative effect. Thus, the quality of available water resources will need to be considered before choosing an irrigation system.
    Photo: 2.2.10
    Checking water irrigation salinity
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