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3.2 - How do these options fit in with my goal(s) and farm situation?

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After going through Table 3.1, you can now select the potential systems that you would like to consider, and identify the strengths and limitations of these systems to achieve your goals under your own farm conditions.

Table 3.2 below offers a method of listing and assessing the relative strengths and limitations of systems for given farm situations. Your goals, farm features such as soil types and topography, water supply, water allocation, costs and labour are some of the factors that you may want to consider before deciding on the selection of appropriate system options.

Follow the following step-wise approach:

          1. Choose the likely systems that you want to consider (from Table 3.1) and insert them in the option columns.

          2. Then, use the following signs to assess the options against key factors:

            not relevant;
                  Image: tick
            not favourable
            more information needed

          There might be certain factors which will eliminate some of your options altogether. For example, you may have to remove substantial remnant vegetation to install a centre pivot system. If a permit was not given to remove remnant vegetation, then the centre pivot option would be eliminated from your choices.

          When you used the ‘!’ sign, indicating that you need more information, you might be able to get this by going through Step 4.

          3. The last column asks you to provide comments on what you think about each option. These comments can help you prioritise the selected options for further investigation under Step 4 which looks at detailed planning, design, cost and management of different systems.

          Note: Step 4 provides detailed information on only two systems - border-check irrigation and centre pivot irrigation (however, much of the centre pivot information applies to lateral move irrigation). These two systems are considered to be the best options for irrigated dairy farms in the Murray Dairy Region.
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You can print and use Table 3.2 to work out the options for your farm.
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