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Victorian Resources Online - Earthwork Planning Controls

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Improvements to the farm irrigation system usually involve some form of earthworks. A local government planning permit is needed for most earthworks to:
  • Ensure that the moving of earth on one property does not cause problems for another property; and
  • Ensure that the works fit in with other works planned for the catchment, for example a proposed drain.

Typical activities likely to need a planning permit include:
  • Laser grading;
  • Construction or removal of levee banks;
  • Construction of lane ways, tracks, channels and drains, effluent ponds; and
  • Construction of above-ground storages.
    A permit or certified whole farm plan is needed before earthworks are undertaken
Consult your local council before undertaking any earthworks. The simplest way to obtain planning approval is to prepare a Whole Farm Plan and have it certified by the council. You can then implement the plan over several years without having to obtain a planning permit each time you want to implement part of it. In the SIR and many other areas, financial assistance is available for the preparation of whole farm plans and getting them certified. More information is available from DPI.

It is important to remember that the council may have to refer your permit or whole farm plan certification application to another agency for advice, and this can take time, typically up to 8 weeks. Note the lead time required and plan ahead to be ready when you want to do the work.
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