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Victorian Resources Online - Can undulating land be irrigated?

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Centre pivots can irrigate significantly undulating land. Some minor earthmoving may be needed to connect depression areas and provide drainage for run-off from rainfall events. In some situations where the development of border check irrigation would require significant cut and fill, the cost per hectare of a centre pivot can be lower than for border check irrigation. Often, undulating land such as sandhills that could not be considered for border-check irrigation can be efficiently irrigated by a centre pivot.

While centre pivot towers can traverse relatively steep and variable slopes, the designer must assess the pressure requirements for the system with the change(s) in elevation. This almost invariably necessitates the use of pressure regulators at each sprinkler. See Step - Pressure Regulators.

Lateral move systems that pump directly out of a channel are generally not suited to undulating land because of the need to have a supply channel with minimal elevation changes. However, the lateral itself can traverse elevations similarly to a centre pivot.

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