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Victorian Resources Online - How quickly do my paddocks drain?

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In border-check irrigation, uneven microtopography and pugging can increase water ponding time on medium to heavy soils. A high watertable can also increase water ponding time within the bays by slowing infiltration.

Surface water needs to drain off the bays quickly to minimize water logging problems. Water logging and excess infiltration are likely if water is sitting on the bays after 18 hours. Proper drainage requires:

  • well laid out bays with appropriate slopes for water flow over the pasture;
  • well sealed channel stops to avoid seepage;
  • the use of spinner cuts (except on very short bays) to enhance surface drainage;
  • clean drains so that water is able to drain off the end of bays; and
  • drains that run into a reuse system.

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Irrigation and drainage reference manual / editors, Sue Mulcahy & James Schroen 1993. Prepared by the Target 10 (external link) Water On Water Off Working Group.
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