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Guidelines for Land Capability Assessment in Victoria

The "Guidelines for Land Capability Assessment in Victoria", developed in 1981 by R K Rowe, D F Howe, and N F Alley of the former Soil Conservation Authority, were developed to assist in the production of land capability information, aimed at increasing expertise in land capability assessment and result in more consistent interpretations of land capability across the State.

Land capability information was required at the time to assist in:

  1. making land use determinations in proclaimed water supply catchments;
  2. development of advice to land managers where alternative management practices or changes in land use desirable to achieve soil conservation; and
  3. providing information on land capability to land use planners.

The Guidelines include explanatory notes and definitions of terms relating to land capability assessment, some simple tests for data needed to make ratings, sets of capability rating systems for a range of land uses, administrative procedures, recommended formats and standardised material for the reporting of land capability studies.

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Land Capability Assessment guidelines
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