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Victorian Geomorphology Reference Group Profile of Members (VGRG)

Mr P. Dahlhaus
Senior Lecturer, Geology Department, Ballarat University
Consultant to Private Industry and DEPI.

Image:  Peter Dalhaus

Engineering geology, southern Victoria (landslides), groundwater (salinity, water resources), lecturer at Uni. Of Ballarat

Specialist contribution:
Western plains and southern uplands landscapes in Victoria

Mr Richard MacEwan
Soil and Land Specialist, DEPI.

Image:  Richard Macewan

18 years soils and landscapes research and education in Victoria

Specialist contribution:
Western plains and upland landscapes in SW Victoria

Mr. M. Imhof
Soils Specialist, DEPI.

Image:  Mark Imhof

Pedologist and soil surveyor (25 years), natural resource information dissemination (VRO)

Specialist contribution:
Eastern plains and north-west dunefield / plain landscapes in Victoria

Dr. E.B. Joyce
Associate Professor, Geology Department, Melbourne University
Former CRC LEME member. Consultant to Private Industry. Technical Convener.

Image:  Bernie Joyce

40 years academic research. Professor of Geology at Melbourne University until 2005

Specialist contribution:
volcanic and riverine plain landscapes in Victoria

Mr Nathan Robinson
GIS/Soil Specialist, DEPI

Image:  Nathan Robinson

8 years soil mapping in Victoria

Specialist contribution:
GIS, geophysics and integration of soil and land systems data

Mr John Martin
Soil Surveyor (former Dept of Agriculture, Victoria and Northern Territory). Consultant for DEPI.

Image:  John Martin

Ag scientist with experience in soil and land survey in Northern Territory and Victoria (focus on Wimmera plains agronomy links with soils – Keith Northcote)

Specialist contribution:
Landscapes across Western Victoria

Mr. J. Neilson
Geologist and Landscape Specialist former Geological Survey, Dept. of Minerals and Energy. Consultant to Private Industry

Image:  John Neilson

Geomorphology and engineering geology background including work on Westgate Bridge and Melbourne Underground rail projects

Specialist contribution:
Eastern and southern upland landscapes in Victoria

Mr. D. B. Rees
Land Systems Specialist, Dept. of Primary Industries (DEPI). Convenor

Image:  David Rees

Land studies across Victoria, land systems, land capability assessment, landscape susceptibility

Specialist contribution:
Eastern uplands, eastern plains and riverine landscapes in Victoria

Dr. N. Rosengren
Former Lecturer, Geology Department
Latrobe University, Bundoora Campus. Consultant to Private Industry and DEPI. Assistant Technical Convener

Image:  Neville Rosengren

Volcanic landscapes (eruption points), coastal morphology, alpine ecology, sites of geomorphological significance

Specialist contribution:
Eastern uplands, western uplands and coastal landscapes in Victoria

Mr. J.N. Rowan
Land Systems Specialist, former Soil Conservation Authority (SCA).Consultant to Private Industry and DEPI

Image:  Jim Rowan

Initial surveyor of land studies in northern Victoria and development of statewide land systems (precursor to Victorian Geomorphology Framework

Specialist contribution:
North-west dunefield / plain landscapes in Victoria

Dr. R.K. Rowe
Land Systems Specialist, former Soil Conservation Authority (SCA).Consultant to Private Industry and DEPI

Image:  Ken Rowe

Instrumental in land capability assessment in Victoria, alpine ecology and land resource inventories

Specialist contribution:
Eastern Uplands landscapes in Victoria

Dr. I. Sargeant
Soil Surveyor, (former Dept. of Agriculture and SCA). Consultant to Private Industry and DEPI, Former Lecturer at Deakin University (Rusden Campus)

Image:  Ian Sargeant

Education, agriculture, lecturer, soil chemistry experience, irrigation soil surveys – northern Victoria.

Specialist contribution:
Eastern plains, southern uplands and riverine plain landscapes in Victoria

Mr. P.A. MacDonald
Director Prospectivity and Exploration, Dept. Business and Innovation, associate member of VGRG


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