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7.3.4 Dissected plains with dunes (Nowa Nowa)

7. Eastern Plains (EP)
7.3 High level terraces and fans

Dissected plains with dunes occur east of Lakes Entrance to Newmeralla then dissected to the west by Snowy River and associated valley, with further occurrences which become further dissected and spatially scattered further east. This unit abuts the Eastern Uplands to the north and coastal landscapes to the south. The degree of dissection varies but the plains are dissected by major streams with steeply sides narrow (entrenched) valleys.

Based on Neogene sediments these plains which have variable regolith (based on mantle of Eastern Uplands), where coarser regolith occurs it has often been re-worked to produce dunes and sand sheets. Local relief is limited to a few metres, occasionally greater. This process is probably due to drier periods where landscape has been exposed, the soil mantle desiccated and then transported as well as local accumulation such as source bordering dunes along drainagelines.

There is a strong relationship with native vegetation: banksias are a key indicator species.

Soils tend to be acidic texture contrast soils (Kurosols and Chromosols) on the clayier parent material with Tenosols on the dunes.

Soil colour and organic matter content is associated with local climate and drainage conditions.
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