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Transcript of the 5.1.4 Hummocky dunes video

5.1.4 - Hummocky dunes dominant (south east of Lake Tyrell, north and south of Lake Hindmarsh)

Transcript of the video

We’ve come into an area of hummocks with intervening plains. The hummocks on the average they’re round, but in actual fact they can be slightly elongated, but not in any particular direction.

They do occur further north in the east west dune field, but they are not the dominant landform that they are around here, you get them occasionally further north around Ouyen and places like that. You get them everywhere, but this is where they’re dominant in this unit we call 5.1.4 and if you look around you can see little rises bumping up all over the place, they’re the hummocks.

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