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Water Supply Catchments: Other Legislation and Planning Controls

While the Catchment & Land Protection Act 1994 contains the leading powers for regulating land use within catchments, a number of actions and functions within other Acts complement this legislation.

These include:

  • pollution control affecting water quality, under the Environmental and Protection Act 1970
  • land use planning of public land, under the Land Conservation Act 1972

Local Planning Controls

Most Non-Metropolitan Urban Water Authorities also have a strong involvement in water supply protection. This may be undertaken in conjunction with Local Government Authorities, under statutory planning provisions of the Planning and Environment Act 1987


Local Government Authorities for further information.
Photo: Lake Hume, Murray Basin
Bethanga area of Lake Hume Water Supply Catchment, overlooking Lake Hume.

Water from the Lake is mainly used for irrigation, with some for local domestic use.
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