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Special Area Plans

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Special Area Plans have been developed for 46 of the 134 Declared Water Supply Catchments. These catchment land use and management plans specify where (location) various land uses may be undertaken and how (conditions of use) they should be undertaken, to minimise any adverse effects on water related values.

The Special Area Plan involves a land capability assessment to identify and interpret land resource data, in particular features or hazards that limit rational land use. Alternative, more suitable, land use strategies are determined. Levels of management required to sustain these uses are consistent with the capability assessment and are considered to be based on average management.

Each Special Area Plan identifies drainage lines, streams, spring areas and storages, and indicates the buffer distances to be observed to ensure water quality is not compromised by adjacent land uses.

Each plan represents land use policy for a particular catchment and provides a basis for advice to land and water managers and planners.

Land Use Notices are an interim control, also defined as Special Area Plans. In some cases, they may apply to only part of the catchment and are generally used as a temporary measure.

Land Use Conditions

Under Special Area Plans, Land Use Conditions may be invoked if a particular land use activity is likely to result in a deterioration in water quality and impose a health risk to domestic water supplies.

These are negotiated with the landholder and, once imposed, remain a legal obligation on the landholder and successive landholders until revoked.

Image:  Special Area Plans
Special Area Plans

This map identifies the 46 Declared Water Supply Catchments for which Special Area Plans have been developed.
These were formerly known as Land Use Determinations and Notices.

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