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Victoria has a diversity of landforms which reflect variations in geology and the many different land forming processes which have occurred over a range of geological periods and climatic regimes. Land forming processes include earth movements, erosion, river and marine action and volcanic activity.

Landform Description

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Photo: Statewide Landform Montage
Landform Glossary

Land Systems
This section provides information on Land System mapping in Victoria and also details the history of the development of Victorian land studies (a major focus of the former Soil Conservation Authority).

This 'Digital Elevation Model' provides a broadscale map of Victoria's relief.

Geomorphology (or physiography) is used to classify land at a broad level in terms of its form and development process.

Geology Information

Earth Resources in Victoria webpage on the DEPI website - includes a link to the Geo Vic Explore Victoria Online application.

Related Links

The Geoscience Australia website provides a Palaeographic Atlas (external link) - showing the evolution of the Australian landscape over geological time periods.
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