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Soil Change Matters

Tuesday 25 March 2014 - Soil Matters Symposium

Keynote Papers

Richard MacEwanFrameworks for soil matters
Helaina BlackAdvances in Soil Biology: What does this mean for soil change
Mike McLaughlinThe Soil and its Chemistry- Critical Futures
Iain YoungThe Soil habitat: microbiology in a structured world
Jeffrey BaldockSoil Carbon Past and Future
Robert WhiteThe Cost Effectiveness of a Policy to Store Carbon in Australian Agricultural Soils to Abate Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Soil Matters Symposium

Elizabeth Morse-McNabbRemote sensing, productivity and soil condition
Andrew WhitlockApplication of remote sensing in precision agriculture
Rhiannon AptedEngaging in SoilCare in the Goulburn Broken Catchment
Michael MoodieMonitoring for change - creating effective soil health
John LeysDustWatch – tracking soil condition change and its causes across southern Australia
Noel SchoknechtReport card on sustainable natural resource use in the agricultural regions of Western Australia
David McKenzieVisual assessment of soil structure in the field to improve land quality
Mark CrawfordStrategic Tillage in Conservation farming systems; its impact on soil health and productivity
Ana HortaSpace-time monitoring of soil moisture to improve farm management
Dale BoydSoil moisture monitoring for crop management
Andrew McAllisterOnline information and tools for farmers and land managers
Ron AggsSoil news – keep it real, not political and choose the right media

Soil Change Matters Workshop: Technical Session 1 - Modelling changes in soil carbon

Senani KarunaratneA space-time observation system for soil organic carbon
Garry O'LearyModelling soil carbon in Australia: cause for optimism
Mohsen ForouzangoharResponses of soil carbon stocks to climate variability and extremes: future projections using RothC in an Australian agricultural landscape
Denis AngersDigging deeper: does it matter when assessing soil changes? (not available)
Adrian ChappellEstimate soil erosion to attribute carbon storage to management practice
Jeffrey BaldockQuantifying uncertainty and optimising predictions of soil carbon content and composition with mid-infrared spectroscopy.
Irina KurganovaEnvironmental cost of two critical land use changes in Russia during last century
Ben JonesA base function rather than a baseline for soil organic carbon in a variable landscape?

Soil Change Matters Workshop: Technical Session 2 - Monitoring soil condition and land use

Maxine LevinDelivering solutions to questions regarding soil change –examples from the USDA National Cooperative Soil Survey
Jonathan GrayLand management within capability, a new scheme to guide sustainable land management in New South Wales, Australia
Greg ChapmanMapping the immediacy of soil condition reaching irreversible tipping points to prioritise catchment actions
Chris GroseSome insights into the health of Dermosols around Tasmania
Jozef KobzaSoil monitoring - a basic tool for protection of soils and sustainable land use in Slovakia
Mari-Vaughn JohnsonThe Conservation Effects Assessment Project – operation of a national scheme for soil and environmental monitoring
Kathryn SheffieldThe influence of land cover history on productivity
Jane StewartMonitoring ground cover for Australian agriculture using MODIS and Landsat imagery

Wednesday 26 March 2014 - Soil Change Matters Workshop: Policy and Science of Soil Change

Daniela SauerUnderstanding soil processes in natural soils - a base for assessing soil change
Daniel RichterGlobal Soil Change, Anthro-pedostratigraphy, and the Anthropocene
Uta StockmannModelling soil change over millennial time scales
Damien FieldSoil change an important aspect of soil security
Neil McKenzieSoil knowledge matters
Andrea KochIntroduction to Policy Perspectives
Johan BoumaPolicy and effective action for soil security.
Luca MontanarellaThe Global Soil Partnership
Michael CrawfordPolicy and science of soil change – a Victorian perspective

Soil Change Matters Workshop: Technical Session 3 - Soil properties and processes

Brian MurphyDoes soil organic matter influence functional soil properties? A review of published information
Fan DingTemperature sensitivity of CO2 emission from soil fractions: Implication for warming response in relation to soil texture
Valentin Lopes De GerenyuCarbon cycle in various ecosystems of Central Russia: vulnerability to repeated heat waves and droughts
Marianne HoogmoedThe effect of a changing rainfall pattern on soil carbon and nitrogen cycling in soil from pasture and afforested pasture
Daniela CarnovaleSoil biotic communities under shelter belts and the effect of plant functional type: what is driving soil change?
David NashThe characterisation of phospholipids and fatty acids in soil water extracts from a dairy farm in Gippsland, Australia using metabolomics
Michael HeavenUsing metabolomic techniques to identify compounds in soil water affected by changes to cultivation or pasture

Soil Change Matters Workshop: Technical Session 4 - Land use and soil change

Susan OrgillSoil carbon under perennial pastures; benchmarking the influence of pasture age and management
Fiona RobertsonInfluence of cropping practices on soil organic carbon: evidence from three long-term field experiments in Victoria, Australia
Jess DrakeFrom rags to riches: the story of carbon, nutrients and pasture with dairy compost application
Moran SegoliManaging cattle for sustainable soil properties: interactions between stocking rates and rainfall
Samantha GroverSavanna soil changes: The effects of land use change on savanna soils of northern Australia

Soil Change Matters Workshop: Technical Session 5 - Modelling soil change

Ben MarchantWhat can legacy datasets tell us about soil quality trends?
Doug CrawfordA pilot survey of change in soil pH using legacy sites
Cassandra Schefe100 Years of Superphosphate Addition to Pasture - Where did it go?
Sharon AaronsCan soil change be assessed for the Victorian dairy industry?

Soil Change Matters Workshop: Technical Session 6 - Mapping soil change

Budiman MinasnyDigital mapping of Soil Change
Allan LillyAssessing changes in carbon contents of Scottish soils: lessons learnt
Doug CrawfordSoil carbon in dryland farming systems of Victoria, Australia
Doug CrawfordUsing legacy sites to assess changes in soil organic carbon

Thursday 27 March 2014

Soil Change Matters Workshop Plenary: Moving forward - Data and information challenges for understanding soil change

Murray LarkSampling requirements for soil monitoring: or on choosing the right length for a piece of string
Kurt BenkeDetection and measurement of change : sources of error and spatial uncertainty
Dominique ArrouaysA soil test database for French agricultural soils. State of progress, advantages and limits for monitoring soil changes
Kelly BryantAccessing Queensland's soil information - an open data revolution!
Linda KarssiesSoil Archives: supporting Research into Soil Changes
Pierre RoudierThe Rise of Information Technologies: a Changing Landscape for Soil Science

Soil Change Matters Workshop Posters – static

Deborah ApgauaSoil changes after fire across an Atlantic rainforest - boundary vegetation transition in Lavras, Brazil
Peter BaconOptions for improving soil health in the Tweed Valley
Greg ChapmanFarm management survey reporting according to land and soil capability. Are New Soil Wales soils being managed sustainably ?
Lotfi KhiariEffect of organic material input on the densities of granulated organo-mineral fertilizer
Melanie McCavourFlowering plants for pollinators vs. biofuels: What to do with forest harvest residue?
Brian MurphyEstimating the expected rates of change in soil carbon following changes in land management practices - a proposed normalising equation
Melanie Whitelaw-WeckertImpact of soil copper levels on vineyard soil bacteria, fungi and nematodes
David ReesChanging epistemic uncertainties in soil classification and digital mapping
Nathan RobinsonAre soil archives the critical link to understanding changes in soil?
Nathan RobinsonSpatio-temporal changes in soil properties over 40-years in western Victoria - two case studies
Chris WaringSoil measurement scale, resolution and cost matters
Lisa WarnChanges in soil carbon from using broiler litter as an alternative fertiliser for pastures
Romy ZyngierGrape marc char - effects on soil structure, water efficiency and fertilizer productivity
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