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Westernport Mapsheet - Soil Pit Sites

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Westernport Mapsheet - Soil Pit Sites (PDF - 371KB)
The high resolution PDF file provided on this page can be viewed using the free Adobe PDF reader and this software can be installed from the Adobe website (external link). This PDF is provided with a high level of detail and with the intent that it should be printed at a high resolution.

The Western Port mapsheet is clickable. Click on the respective soil pit for detailed information. The soil pits are also listed below and are clickable.
Note: Missing soil pits will be added as they are made available.

Image: Westernport mapsheet with soil pits GP22 GP21 GP20 GP23 GP24 GP25 MOP2 MOP1 MOP6 MOP7 MOP5 MOP4 GP54 GP53 GP57 GP58 GP59 GP60 ASSS6 ASSS4 GW01 GW02

WESTERNPORT Mapsheet - Soil Pit Sites

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