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Soils and Land Use near Swan Hill

Soil and Land Use near Swan Hill, Victoria (1966). This survey comprises the Tresco and Nyah Irrigation Districts, Swan Hill (part), Mystic Park and Fish Point Irrigation Areas, and Long Lake and Kangaroo Lake Irrigation Settlements. The report was published by the Department of Agriculture, Victoria, Australia (Technical Bulletin No. 20).

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Soils & Land Use near Swan Hill, Victoria
swan hill.pdf
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Appendix I - II
AI - Area of Soil Types & Mapping Units
AII - Analytical data for representiative profiles
Appendix I & 2.pdf
(PDF 575KB)

Appendix III - V

AIII - Analytical Methods
AIV - Exlpanation of Soil Terms
AV - Soil Survey Methods
appendix III-V.pdf
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