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Burkes Flat - A Salinity Treatment Success Story

The Burkes Flat Group Conservation Area was declared in November, 1968. In early 1983, a pilot project in this area was funded by the National Soil Conservation Program for investigation, treatment and monitoring of dryland salinity. With the support and assistance of the four landholders in the selected project area and other members of the local community, a catchment treatment plan was developed.

The Burkes Flat pilot catchment project has proven to be an excellent example of salinity control through community involvement in catchment planning and productive land management. Its outstanding success should provide strong encouragement for the adoption of similar treatment strategies in this commonly occurring type of salt threatened area.

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Burkes Flat - a salinity success story 1995

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Burkes Flat - a salinity success story - precis 1995

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Burkes Flat slides
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