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Targeted Salinity Area projects

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Bet Bet Targeted Salinity Areas
Bet Bet Targeted Salinity Areas
A five year North Central Dryland Salinity Program (NCDSP) has been developed to implement the second Generation Dryland Salinity management Plan for the region. This plan adopts a targeted approach to addressing the region's dryland salinity issues. On-ground works and research activities are being undertaken in these priority areas. The NCDSP is funded through the North Central Catchment Management Authority (external link) under the National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality (NAP) (external link) - a joint Commonwealth and State Government Initiative. In the North Central region, 10 priority areas have been selected, of which the Bet Bet and Timor West areas are within the Bet Bet Creek Catchment in the upper Loddon area.
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