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A Land Capability Study of the former Shire of Romsey - Technical Report No. 13

Land Capability Study | Map Units

The primary objective of this study was provide the former Shire of Romsey with detailed land resource information, consisting of base data on the nature of the land and of assessments of the likely performance of the land under various activities. This information can underpin many land use and management decisions by the municipal authority. In doing so, many of the problems and unexpected costs that would be incurred by the use of the land beyond its capabilities can be avoided.

This study by N M Baxter, G Boyle and E Jones of the former Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, completed in June 1994; describes in detail the land present in the Strathfieldsaye District and provides information relevant to land use planning and assessment.

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Map Units


Land Capability study

Land Capability Study - Romsey
Front page and table of contentsAcknowledgements
1.1 Introduction
1.2 User's Guide
1.3 Location
1.4 Purpose of the study
1.5 Objectives
Appendix A - Notes to accompany Land Capability Rating tables
Appendix B - Working tables for Land Capability Classes
Appendix C - Specific Methodology
Appendix D - Physical and Chemical Laboratory results
Appendix E - Criteria used for establishing recharge values
Appendix F - Botanical list
Land capability assessment
2.1 Philosophy and principles
2.2 Land resource maping - methodoligy and constraints
2.3 Assessment procedure
2.4 Land capability rating tables
Land management guidelines
3.1 Managment of land characteristics that influence land use
Detailed map unit descriptions and capability ratings
(Please see list above)
Physical description
5.1 Geology and geomorphology
5.2 Soils
5.3 Land systems
5.4 Land uses
5.5 Land degradation
5.6 Climate
5.7 Native vegetation
5.8 Proclaimed water supply catchments
Mount William range
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Map unit description
6.3 Geology and geomorphology
6.4 Soils
6.5 Land degradation
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