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Mean annual maximum temperatures in the North Central region range from 17.8C in Creswick to over 22C in Kerang and Echuca. Maximum temperatures are highest in the northern parts of the catchment all year round, generally averaging about 30C during summer and 14-15C in winter. Temperature lows in the north average about 9.4C during summer and drop to an average of 4.5C in winter.

In the central part of the region, towns such as Bendigo experience average annual temperature maximums of 20.4C, with a mean of about 28C during summer and 13C in winter. The average annual minimum temperature in these areas is 9C, with an average minimum of 12-14C in summer and 4C during winter.

In the southern part of the region, maximum temperatures average from almost 18C in Creswick to just over 20C in Castlemaine. During summer the south averages highs of 25-28C and the average winter range is about 11-13C. Mean temperature minimums are slightly higher in Castlemaine (6.7C) and Creswick (6.6C) than in Kyneton (5.6C), and this is true for both summer and winter seasons, where minimum temperatures generally range between 9-11C and 2-3C respectively.
Photo: Sunset near Charlton
Sunset near Charlton

Moving from south to north within the North Central region, mean annual rainfall decreases significantly. The highest annual average rainfall recorded is in Creswick (756 mm), closely followed by Kyneton (753 mm). Bendigo receives an annual average of 550 mm. In the far north, mean annual rainfall is lowest in Kerang (377 mm).

Source: Bureau of Meteorology Climate Averages Website.

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Bureau of Meteorology Climate Averages Website

Water and Rainfall Status

The following water and rainfall status reports are available for the North Central region:
For an up to date Goulburn-Murray Water Storage Report’ see the ‘Systems Reports’ section of the Goulburn-Murray Water website (external link).
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