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A Land Capability study of the former Shire of Kyneton

The former Department of Conservation and Natural Resources has been involved in formal land capability assessment studies since the early 1970s. The Land Capability Section of the (then) Soil Conservation Authority established the framework for the conduct of formal land capability studies upon which this report is based. This framework included rating tables for some thirty activities. Ratings for various activities were presented as thematic maps, or combined into ratings for various land uses, depending upon the needs and abilities of the client.

It proposed to undertake detailed Land Capability Studies in municipalities with significant pressures for change in land use to more intensive uses, where there was significant existing or potential land degradation issues, or where better quality agricultural land was under threat of development for residential purposes.

The primary objective was to provide the municipality with detailed land resource information, consisting of base data on the nature of the land, and assessment of the likely performance of the land under various activities. This information can underpin many land use and management decisions by the municipal authority. In doing so, many of the problems and unexpected costs incurred through inappropriate land use can be avoided.

The majority of the former Shire of Kyneton is now part of the Macedon Ranges Shire Council. It is one of three former Shires in the amalgamated Macedon Ranges Shire Council to be studied in the current series of investigations.

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A land capability study of the former Shire of Kyneton
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