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Land Capability Study in the United Shire of Beechworth

This report prepared by P L Ockenden, Conservation Officer and M O'Meara of the former Soil Conservation Authority, in 1980 is based on an assessment of the physical characteristics of the land.

  • Social or economic factors have not been considered. The scale of the assessment has necessitated some generalisation.
  • Site – specific data will be required for detailed planning.
  • The precision with which boundaries are mapped is affected by the scale of the map. Subsequent enlargement of the map does not improve the precision and may be misleading.
  • The boundaries on the maps usually represent readily seen changes in the land. However, where an important land characteristic changed gradually, the boundary indicates approximately where there is a significant change in the effect on the land use.
  • No material may be extracted from the report for publication without the written permission of the Soil Conservation Authority.

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Land Capability Study  in the United Shire of Beechworth

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