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Location: Nullawarre

Australian Soil Classification: Ferric, Mottled-Subnatric, Grey SODOSOL (confidence level 3)
General Landscape Description: Gently undulating plain
Site Description: Lower slope
Land Unit: Skipton Basalt
Geology: Quaternary basalt

General Land Unit Description: This land unit consists predominantly of gently undulating plains around Skipton. There are some steeper slopes leading to the major drainage lines as well as those coming off Naminia Hill. The soils are variable, reflecting the complex landform in this land unit. Ferric Brown and Grey Sodosols occur chiefly on the lower slopes, and Bleach-Ferric Brown Chromosols occur on the plains and slopes. Areas of gilgai microrelief are usually found in this unit and the soils associated with these areas are commonly Black Chromosols with minor occurrences of Brown Chromosols. The soils on the mounds and in the depressions are similar apart from those on the mounds having shallower surfaces. A few scattered surface stones may occur on the upper slopes and crests of some rises.

Soil Profile Morphology

A10-20 cmDark greyish brown (10YR4/2); clay loam; hard-setting surface condition; ferromanganiferous nodules are common; pH 4.9; clear change to:

A220-40 cmVery pale brown (10YR7/3), conspicuously bleached (10YR8/1d); clay loam; ferromanganiferous nodules are abundant; sharp change to:


B2140-60 cmYellowish brown (2.5Y6/2), with red mottles; medium clay; moderate medium blocky structure; pH 6.5; gradational change to:

B2260+ cmLight brownish grey (2.5Y6/2), with yellowish brown mottles; medium clay; moderate medium blocky structure; ferromanganiferous nodules are common; pH 6.9.

Key profile features:
  • Strongly acidic topsoil
  • Bleached A2 horizon
  • Mottled subsoil
  • Ferromanganiferious nodules are abundant in A2 horizon
  • Topsoil dispersive when worked when wet
  • Subsoil dispersive when dry
  • Sodic subsoil
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