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Site: GL83Land Unit: Dundas Sedimentary
Aust. Soil Class.: Ferric-Sodic, Mesotrophic, Brown CHROMOSOL (confidence level 2)

Soil pit GL83 auger

General Land Unit Description:
This land unit occurs on dissected slopes leading to valleys, predominantly in the southern portion of the study area. The dominant soil type is a Brown Chromosol, commonly with a ferric horizon above the occasionally sodic subsoil. The landform, along with the high percentage of ferruginous nodules above the clay are the major restrictions to land use. The sandy topsoil is susceptible to wind erosion.

Site Description:

Geology: Tertiary sedimentaryLandform pattern: Rolling low hills
Position in landscape: Mid to lower slopeInternal drainage: Moderately well drained

Key profile features:

  • Strong texture contrast between topsoil and subsoil
  • Strongly acidic topsoil
  • Bleached A2 horizon
  • Mottled subsoil
  • Sodic subsoil at depth
  • Kaolinite at depth
Soil pit GL83 graphs
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