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Site: GL58Land Unit: Gorae Basalt
Aust. Soil Class.: Melanic-Mottled (& Ferric), ?, Black CHROMOSOL (confidence level 4)

Soil pit GL58 auger

General Land Unit Description:
This land unit has a variety of soil types occurring over a short distance. Ferrosols and Black Chromosols are found is association with the more dominant Ferric Brown Chromosols. The Brown Chromosols have been used to represent this area as they are deemed to be the major soil type, and due to restrictions of scale the other soil types have not been mapped as individual units. It must be noted however, that the better drained soils (Red Ferrosols / Dermosols) have a higher capability of supporting a range of land uses (e.g. viticulture) due to their favourable physical and chemical properties.

Site Description:

Geology: Quaternary basaltLandform pattern: Gently undulating plain
Position in landscape: Lower slope / drainage depressionInternal drainage: Imperfectly drained

Key profile features:

  • Ferromanganiferous horizon
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