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Glenelg-Hopkins Geomorpholocical Units

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Geomorphological Units - Glenelg-Hopkins (PDF - 1355KB) The high resolution PDF file provided on this page can be viewed using the free Adobe PDF reader and this software can be installed from the Adobe website (external link). This PDF is provided with a high level of detail and with the intent that it should be printed at a high resolution.

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Map:  Glenelg-Hopkings Geomorphic Units

Glenelg-Hopkins Geomorphological Units
Western Uplands
2.1.1 Ridges, escarpments, mountains and non-granitic Palaeozoic rocks
2.1.2 Hills, valley slopes and plan on non-granitic Palaeozoic rocks
2.1.3 Ridges, escarpments, mountains on granitic Palaeozoic rocks
2.1.4 Hills, valley slopes and plains on granitic Palaeozoic rocks
2.1.6 Eruption points and volcanic plains
2.1.7 Dissected uplands: Terraces and floodplains
2.2.1 Gramplians complex: Cuesta landscapes
2.2.2 Grampians complex: Sandstone hills
2.2.3 Gampians complex: Valleys, alluvial terraces and floodplains
2.3.1 Tablelands: Low relief, low drainage density
2.3.2 Tablelands: High relief, low drainage density
2.3.3 Tablelands: High relief, high drainage density
2.3.4 Tablelands: Terraces and floodplains
Northern Riverine Plains
4.3 Alluvial Fans and Aprons
North Western Dunefields and Plains
5.2.5 Low ridge tops with remnant aeolian sands and oriented swales with lakes and lunettes
Western Plains
6.1.1 Volcanic derived eruption points; maars, scoria cones and lava shields, including associated ash and scoria deposits
6.1.2 Volcanic derived stony rises
6.1.3 Volcanic derived plains with poorly developed drainage and shallow regolith
6.1.4 Volcanic derived plains with well developed drainage and deep regolith
6.1.5 Volcanic derived terraces, floodplains and lakes, swamps and lunettes and their deposits
6.2.1 Sedimentary derived plains with ridges
6.2.3 Sedimentary derived karst plains with depressions
6.2.4 Sedimentary derived plains and plains with low rises
6.2.5 Sedimentary derived terraces and floodplains, and coastal plains
6.3 Hills and Low Hills
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