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Location: Bendoc North

Australian Soil Classification: Bleached, Magnesic, Brown CHROMOSOL

Map Unit: Bendoc (Component 1)
Previous Site Name: 133

General Landscape Description: Undulating to rolling low hills
Site Description: Mid slope, 8% to south
Land Use: Grazing
Native Vegetation:
Geology: Ordovician sediments

Soil Profile Morphology:

Surface soil


0 – 5 cm

Dark brown (10YR3/3); loam; weak fine angular blocky structure; common coarse rounded pebbles; clear change to:


5 – 30 cm

Dark brown (10YR4/3); fine sandy loam; massive; common rounded pebbles; pH 5.7; clear change to:


30 – 60 cm

Pale brown (10YR 6/3); conspicuously bleached; fine sandy clay loam; massive; common angular pebbles; pH 6.0; clear change to:



60 – 140+ cm

Yellowish brown (10YR5/4); light medium clay; strong medium angular blocky structure; common angular pebbles; pH 6.0.

Profile Described By: David Rees, 1989.
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