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18 Red sodic and strongly mottled texture contrast soils on Neogene sediments

These soils of limited extent are found on the gently undulating plains, rises or low level plateaux in higher rainfall areas underlain by Neogene sediments (generally ferruginised sands) which are generally unconsolidated but often have an indurated pan or layer on which the soils have developed.

These soils are similar to the other texture contrast soils on Neogene sediments but the dominant matrix colour is red and the upper subsoil is sodic. Notable features include: light surface soils over coarse and medium strongly structured mottled clay subsoils and variable buckshot in the subsurface horizon.
CLRA Soil Unit 18

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Soil-landform unit
1:100 000 mapsheet
Upper slopeMelanic, Mottled-Subnatric, Red SodosolDr2.42T7721 - Geelong
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