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Location: Cooriemungle.

Australian Soil Classification: Melacic, Sesquic, Semiaquic PODOSOL

Great Soil Group: podzol.

General Landscape Description: Convex rise on valley floor within a dissected plain.
Geology: Quaternary alluvium derived from Hanson Plain Sand.
Land Use: Dairy cattle grazing.

Image:  SW55  and 56 LandscapeSW55 Landscape.

Soil Profile Morphology:

Surface Soil

A10-10Black (10YR2/1); sandy loam; weak fine to medium polyhedral structure; weak consistence dry; abrupt and smooth change to:

Image:  SW55 Profile
SW55 profile.
Note: Surface (A) horizon has been stripped from the soil profile.
A210-20 cmDark greyish brown (10YR4/2) conspicuously bleached (10YR8/1 dry); fine sandy clay loam; massive; weak consistence dry; abrupt and wavy change to:


B21s20-50 cmDark yellowish brown (10YR4/4); light sandy clay; massive; weak to firm consistence dry; clear and wavy change to:

B22s(h)50-80 cmBrownish yellow (10YR6/6) and brown (10YR4/3) with very dark grey (7.5YR3/1) on exterior of peds and in root channels; medium heavy clay; coarse polyhedral, parting to medium polyhedral structure; firm consistence dry:

B23g80 cm+Grey (10YR5/1) with yellowish brown (10YR5/6) and red (2.5YR5/8) mottles common in interior of peds; dark grey to black coatings on ped faces and in root channels; medium heavy clay; coarse blocky, parting to medium polyhedral structure.

NOTE: Pit site not sampled for chemical analysis.

Profile Described By: Mark Imhof and Richard MacEwan (April 1999).
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