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Corangamite Geomorphological Units

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Corangamite Geomorphological Units
Western Uplands
2.1.2 Hills, valley slopes and plains on non-granitic Palaeozoic rocks (Daylesford, Maryborough, Bendigo)
2.1.4 Hills, valley slopes and plains on plutonic Palaeozoic rocks (Pittong, Harcourt, Amphitheathre, Victoria Valley)
2.1.5 Plateaux and rises of residual Cainozoic landscapes (Dereel, Meredith, White Hills, Trentham)
2.1.6 Eruption points and volcanic plains (Creswick - Ballarat plains, Mt. Franklin, Mt. Blackwood, Metcalfe)
2.1.7 Terraces and floodplains (Upper Loddon, Upper Woady Yallock Creek, Pomonal - Moyston area, Crowlands, Avoca, Newstead)

3. Southern Uplands (SU)
3.1.1 Plateaux and broad ridges (Beech Forest, Wyelangata, Balook)
3.1.2 Ranges (Forrest, Barramunga, Poowong, Fish Creek)
3.2.2 Ranges (Barrabool Hills, Athlone)
3.2.3 Basaltic residuals (Warragul, Red Hill)
3.3.1 Plateau (Bellarine Peninsula, Cape Liptrap, Moorooduc Plains; including Mt Martha and Mt Eliza)
3.3.2 Hills and low hills (Barwon Downs, French Island)
3.3.3 Basaltic residuals (Phillip Island)
3.3.4 Terraces and floodplains (Aire River, Barham, Birregurra, Carlisle and Gellibrand Rivers, Fosters Creek, Upper Bass, Lang Lang, Tarwin, Morwell and Tarago, Birregurra Rivers)

6. Western Plains (WP)
6.1.1 Eruption points; maars, scoria cones and lava shields, including associated ash and scoria deposits (Lake Purrumbete, Mt. Elephant, Mt. Cottrell)
6.1.2 Stony rises (Mt. Eccles, Pomborneit, Mt. Rouse)
6.1.3 Plains with poorly developed drainage and shallow regolith (Wingeel)
6.1.4 Plains with well developed drainage and deep regolith (Cressy)
6.1.5 Terraces, floodplains and lakes, swamps and lunettes and their deposits (Lough Culvert, Lower Woady Yallock River, Chain of Ponds, Condah Swamp, Lake Murdeduke & lunette)
6.2.2 Dissected plains (Heytesbury)
6.2.4 Plains and plains with low rises (Duck Hole Plain, Irrewillipe, Hanson Plain)
6.2.5 Terraces and floodplains and coastal plains (Barwon River, Moolap Sunkland, Cape Otway)
6.3 Hills and low hills (Mt. Kinross, Greenvale, Mt. Emu, Summerhill, Darraweit Guim)
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